About Developer

Naman Singhal
Full stack Developer & DevSecOps Engineer in making

Sicarius Web Tech was founded by Naman. He has splendid coding and programming skills and ranks at 98.8 percentile in c++ programming on techgig.com. This venture started as a freelancing job which eventually developed in a bigger idea.

Have learned fundamental mainframe skills. Is able to perform everyday tasks in an IBM Z® mainframe environment, including administering data sets, formulating commands, managing JCL, scripting actions in USS (Unix System Services), writing and debugging Python, and orchestrating actions through IBM Z Open Automation Utilities.

Prolific and passionate full stack web developer Received high user experience scores for all web development projects. Passionate about building world class web applications. Passionate about software architecture and cloud computing. A member of Google developer group Delhi, Mozilla Delhi Open Community and a facilitator in upcoming Mozilla Festival to be held in March 2021.

Has good understanding and experience of Linux based operating systmes. Have maintained Linux home lab for 3 years which hosted a fully functionaly web server, a Private Branch eXchange managment system and a Domain Name System.

Ranked 7th rank in 'DevJam Hands-on Challenge' organised by techgig.com and Google cloud on 29-Oct-2020

Have in-depth understanding of scripting in shell and bash. Knows his way around CLI based system. Automated mundane everyday tasks with scripts. Experience in automation technologies like Ansible, Jenkins. Working knowledge of containerized environments using Docker.

More than 4 Years of experience in coding in obejct oriented programming languages like C++. Strong understanding of all phases of software development Life cycle. Uses Raspberry Pi for Automation and fun little side projects in leisure time.

Familiar with modern Web security standards. Used Encryption algorithms and setting network to avoid attacks like Man in the middle, phishing, packet sniffing. Made Web apps with high availability which scale up/down seamlessly and resistant to a wide range of attaching techniques like XSS and SQL injection